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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  April 5, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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west side. there is 95 headed in and out of the ft. mchenry tunnel. here is a live look at what your drive looks like there. everything just fine and there is 95 just north of white marsh boulevard. remember we are always on so log onto back over to you. >> here is what people will be talking about today. symbols of hate being found on the university of maryland college park campus and has police search for who is responsible wjz and gigi barnett are live with the latest on their investigation. good morning, gigi. >> reporter: good morning, don. good morning, everyone. well, there were two separate incidents of hate on campus at the university of maryland and it all happened in the last few days. now police there are turning to video for help. words of hate scrawled inside an elevator in the building on the college park pack campus. >> that is really scary and unexpected too. >> to see that happen is
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shocking. >> they are especially upsetting for some. >> it is disheartening to know that people will dedicate their energy to just hate on -- not even a specific person, just a general group of people. >> days before a building supervisor found a noose inside a construction area and campus police are now looking into both incidents. >> in both cases they are actively following several leads, interviewing whoever might have some information on it. >> in an e-mail to students the university president says these inspects are aborent, the university of maryland does not tolerate hate or by news and is looking into holding diversity workshops. >> we have a strong commitment to diversity and see diversity as central to our excellence. >> that was echoed by many students. >> i have friends of different races and ethnic backgrounds especially maryland. >> it goes against what maryland stands for. we are all about diversity and just welcome everyone.
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>> and police say what is more disturbing about these latest incidents of hate is that crimes of bias on campus have decreased in the last few years. don, back to you. >> thank you very much, gigi. if a student is found to be responsible in either incident they could face discipline from the university and criminal charges. this morning the national weather service continues to survey the damage from a string of tornadoes down in texas. tuesday's storms tore off roofs, tossed around trucks, destroyed homes and caused damage, as many as 13 touched down in dallas/ft. worth. the town of lancaster is so badly damaged the city doesn't want people outside after dark. >> we have established a curfew from 7:00 p.m. tonight through 7:00 a.m. in the morning. >> injuries ranging from minor to severe have been reported but no deaths. airport delays continue. more than a thousand flights have been cancelled in the dallas/ft. worth area. new details are revealed as the final autopsy report on
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whitney houston is released. in it detectives say they found white powdery substances and a spoon with white residue in it in houston's hotel room. the substances have not been identified. but houston did have cocaine throughout her system when she drowned in her bathtub in february. her death has been ruled accidental. a win for a frederick county family whose dog was shot by sheriff's deputies. the court has awarded them more than half a million dollars in damages, derek valcourt has the crucial video that helped the jury make up its mind. >> reporter: good morning. the jury's decision a major victory for the dog's owners after this entire shooting was caught on camera. the dashboard camera reveals what happened in jan of 2010, chocolate lab brandy bounds towards a deputy. the department pulls a gun. brandy stops and appears friendly. we won't show you what happens next but the deputy shot her. heartbreaking because it was like one of your kids being
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shot. after roger and sandra jenkins rush to her and then took her to a vet the deputies head into their home. they had come to serve a warrant on their son. >> you could have tazed the dog, sprayed him, hit him with the baton. >> the sheriff's department maintained the deputy acted legally. feeling the dog was a threat. >> we are going back now and try to second guess a split second decision in a situation where a deputy sheriff was trying to protect himself -- >> brandy survived and began treatments but jenkins hired an attorney and sued. >> the policy is shoot the dog first and ask questions later and that is not an acceptable policy. >> the jury agreed, finding the deputies violated their right when they entered their home without permission and when they shot brandy. the 620,00 dollar verdict bittersweet for their owners. >> dogs are not just pets anymore, they are part of our family. >> the dog is alive now, nine years old and still suffering from that gunshot. neighbors say she is limping
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around and has to see a vet frequently. in tawny town, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> and even though the sheriff's department has changed its deputy training it -- with -- for dealing with family pets just last week a sheriff's deputy shot and wounded another dog in the frederick area. an increase in sales taxes rather than just adding them to gasoline purchases a new idea the governor has. he is asking lawmakers to raise the seat the state sales tax to pay for transportation projects. he says his old proposal is dead. >> i always thought that the most unpopular thing is whenever you combine the word gas with the word tax, even if it is applying, you know, the -- the sales tax percentage. >> a sales tax increase would apply to just about everything we buy, excluding food.
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and on the subject of shopping, 4 new stores are coming to harbor east. they are the 4 new additions and scheduled to open this summer. is it real or is it fantasy? the stories continue to swirl around who has the megamillions ticket and one woman's story gets more bizarre after a news conference that provided no real answers. here is mike hellgren with the latest. >> reporter: the woman who claims she is maryland's megamillions winner called a press conference that turned mega bizarre. she would not talk and her lawyer said he doesn't know if she is the winner. >> i cannot say with any certainty that this ticket exists. >> but the day before a single mom of 7 told me the whole family was overjoyed about the prize. >> you told your kids? are they excited? >> they are excited because it is a different life for me. >> i don't think she wants 15 minutes of family, i think she
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wants to raise her children, love them and go down her business. somebody else started this ball don the hill. not mrs. wilson. >> now a new rumor is swirling, a man from glen burnie is the winner, his mom bragged about it, lottery officials say it is time for a reality check, pointing out no one has come forward. >> a lot of strange clairms were p made. we know there is no shortage of photo shopped tickets on facebook and twitter. >> whether wilson is the mega winner or not, she now wishes she never told anyone anything. >> she still wants to go back too her life and be anonymous. come on, let's be human about this. it is just money, people. >> oh, and what is she paying her new lawyer. >> i can't tell you that. my god, yeah, they might as well, just come on down here and get my license right now. >> there are several reports that wilson hid the winning ticket inside the mcdonalds here on liberty road but the owner issued a statement saying there is no evidence of that.
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reporting from milford mill mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> we have learned that glen burnie man rumored to have one does not have the ticket. state lottery officials will hold a news conference of their own this afternoon to discuss all the rumors. turning to sports we are counting down the hours until opening day. work continues to get ready to the season opener and while the start brings optimism few people have high hopes for the orioles. it has been 15 years since the franchise lasted had a winning season and players are dealing with you low expectations from the so-called experts. >> it is about proving people wrong, you know not necessarily that is your mission every day but as a whole, like the pitchers, 87, let's prove some people wrong that with are not as bad as people think with are, that we can compete with boston and new york. >> the biggest thing is to meet our even expectations and not others, you can get out out of
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whack listening to what other people. >> we have coverage. our special coverage begins at 2:00 right here followed by the game. it is a new name and a new ballpark for the miami marlins. they unveiled its new stadium. it has a retractible roof and a swimming pool out in center field put the opening day party was spoiled by the cardinals. the world series mvp david freese pled the way led the way as the cards beat the marlins 4-1. >> today we will have a fairly nice afternoon. can i show you something real quick? we are going to keep this baseball theme going -- >> uh-huh. >> -- newest sports tradition in baltimore. of course going into mnt bank
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stadium we always touch johnny unitas' feet. >> uh-huh. >> i think a new tradition is going to launch tomorrow right behind you. we touch unitas's foot and -- >> yeah -- >> -- comments, observations. >> -- october 22nd so this will be the first opening day since the brooks robinson statute was unveiled, that is why with are here, mike gibsons executive director of the sports leming end museum, good to see you. >> hey, maive, good to be down here with you. >> opening day almost here.
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we have a preview when the eyewitness news morning edition continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hi, my name is murf. good morning, wjz. >> all right, visiting baltimore from plano, texas, near arlington, home, texas rangers. that is the glove of brooks robinson on the statute that ron and mike gibbons is going to be talking about. you drive into town and it becomes russell street and you go by the stadium complex on your right and you come up up on this statute which is a beautiful piece of art but the glove is gold. how many did he win? almost too many to name. that is cool. dry this morning, no rain in the rare, right now 46 degrees 45% humidity, a north-northeast breeze at 6, barometer at 29.83. 46 degrees on tv hill, 42
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cumberland, haggerstown and elkton, 43 easton, 40s dc, pax river and ocean city, 35 in oakland. 42 westminster, 39 bellaire, 46 columbia and rock hall, 51 annapolis and kent island. down to our south today we will continue to see clouds and moisture train northwest to southeast. we may indeed have a couple of clouds but no showers in the area. it might get breezy later on. other than that we have got some superweather coming up today for opening day and for easter. 62 is the high this day. yesterday, 75 at the airport, clear, 36 degrees overnight, tomorrow opening day, 62 degrees. absolutely gorgeous. saturday call it 65. easter sunday almost 70. monday the mid-60s, mostly cloudy, 60 on tuesday. don't take it away. >> thank you very much. bhutto go about to go for a drive? here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> it is a nice drive, speeds
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in the 50s. the beltway 60 and 56 miles an hour. at 795 you can see we are definitely seeing more traffic on the roads but again no official delay, 795 southbound at franklin boulevard there to the right. there is a look at 75 in and out of the ft. mchenry tunnel. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. don, back over to you. >> and marty, too, thank you very much. >> a long time ago the great sportswriter john stedman once said in new york they name candy bars after their sports heroes, in baltimore we name our children after them. to be honest about it, jake's name was almost brooks. >> i have met many brooks. >> ron, let's go ahead and kickoff oning opening day. >> that is true, you will meet
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somebody who is named -- >> -- brooks -- >> -- great statute this morning with mike gibbons of the sports legends museum, let's go back to october 22nd, we were here that day, the emotion, the wonderful afternoon here, let's talk -- >> -- 1, 2 -- >> -- robinson is arguably -- well certainly he is an i an iconof the baltimore and if you didn't come away crying there is something wrong with you because it was very emotional but how fitting to have this statute here of brooks. >> and of course you know you walk to the ballpark, you are going to walk by this statute. >> i am so excited about that, because it really extends oriole park over to the west side. you got the brooks robinson statute now, the babe ruth birthplace beyond that and we
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are happy that is here and, of course brooks is welcoming everybody to the city coming up from the south. >> he did the work and the great henry rosenberg made it happen. >> yes, god bless him, we needed it done andly got it done. >> he sure did. let's talk about it. we are talking about the 20th anniversary of camden yards. i want to show this hat. this is one of the goodies. some of the merchandise. >> wow. >> yeah, love that. that is terrific. >> yeah. >> we like that hat. and by the way, it is 20 years ago to the day that camden yards opened. it is hard to believe. >> it really is. you know that first game rick sutcliff shuts out cleveland, got us off to a good start. you know this ballpark as we all know is so important to major league baseball, kind of reset the standard, became the new cookie cutter you know for how ballparks should be done in
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the city so a great time to celebrate now 20 years later. we are all getting old. >> yeah, tell me about it. sports legends museum, great place, go by there tomorrow. >> yeah, listen, i have a jersey here with -- >> -- show this and we know there is controversy with mike me sin a going into the orioles hall of fame. of course dore is going in too. this one of the artifacts. >> -- wore this -- >> -- front of that, mike -- >> -playoffs so this will be going on display as part of the orioles hall of fame exhibit that we will be doing on mike and richie dour later this year, so nice artifact and this also is kind of cool because it features on the sleeve jackie
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robinson breaking the sports barrier and come -- >> -- rich dour as well -- >> that -- >> -- traffic presence at second base. >> and one of the great defenders ever to play in major league baseball, set the record for defensive excellence at second, so richie dore along with mu sin mussina, going in. >> all right, don and marty that man 16 gold gloves. >> 16. >> and also one of the greatest human beings on the planet, number 5, brooks robinson. >> yeah. >> if you don't like brooks robinson, there is something wrong with you my friend. >> all right, ron. >> have a great day. see you. >> i want to show you -- i took this picture on the day that the statute was dedicated. and it is a quote from sportswriter john stedman. read that, don. >> there is not a man who knows him who would not swear to his integrity and honest and give
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testimony to his consideration of others, he is an extraordinary human being, which is important, and the world's greatest third baseman of all time, which is inspectal. >> isn't that the darn truth? >> yeah, he is the most approachable superstar i have ever met. >> yeah, isn't he incredible? >> yeah, you will end up talking about you when -- >> -- unitas, baltimore sports folks, on that note let's just say still to come. >> i am ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is now 6:24. only 175 copies of the first printing. king's bible are still in existence and it turns out maryland just happens to have one of them, here is alex dim dim to report it is a rare find of a rare book. >> reporter: glen johnson is the archivist of the society which has entrusted to care for this bible. it is the first printing of the king james bible, experts know because of a typo in the book of ruth, this he should be a she. >> that makes it the real thing. >> william shakespeare was
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writing plays when king james commissioned it, partly because it used the word tyrant. >> they got rid of the word tyrant. >> how it did it is a mystery, there are tears. >> what makes it valuable to me is i can see what pages were used and the repairs and tells me how the document was used and the importance of the king james bible as a livic document. >> biblical passages and literature in other books can be traced directly back, so can every day sayings. >> take thine ease, eat, drink and be merry, those words have been in the english language only since the king james bible. >> and those writers working for the king laid the foundation for future bibles as english and interpretations
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invom, wjz eyewitness news. >> the maryland bible society is over 200 years old and the king james version may have entered its collection unrecognized prior to the 20th century. next up this morning right here on wjz -- >> reporter: the jet blue pilot who caused an emergency landing last week will undergo a psychiatric evaluation, i am duarte geraldino with the story coming up. >> reporter: who is behind a couple of hate crimes at the university of maryland and? it ? it is what investigators want to know, i am gigi barnett, a live report is coming up. >> -- newcomer -- >> -- u.s. senate. >> -- one-on-one with dan bongino, campaign 2012 coverage coming up. sharon gibala here with wjz traffic control. coming up we will take a look at our speed sensors and see if we have developed any delays just yet. that is straight ahead. right now let's send it over to
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mootery. >> it was a big winner at the 2010 tonies, memphis is now downtown. coming up on coffee with meet one of the leads, actor singer joins us, you stay tuned. we will be r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. >> good morning, maryland. now don scott, marty bass, and the latest breaking news, from wjz's news team, your first warning weather, and wjz traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it is 6:30 and a beautiful sunrise is taking shape here at the bottom of the hour. it is also a very comfortable commute. how else is the commute doing? well sharon will let you know right after marty's first -- >> -- 46 as you would ever want to feel. now that is going to convert to three degrees cooler than this time yesterday morning but i am telling you it is a very very -- i am going to use the word pleasant again. 59 degrees lunch going to a high of scoff. that is a little bit cooler -- well maybe a lot cooler -- than yesterday's 75. don, take it away.
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>> here is sharon. >> we are starting to pick up some problems an accident 95 southbound at the ramp to knife. this is one 9 5. an and an accident there. there is your average speeds, 57 and 56 on the top and the west side, 75 at spaghetti junction, that is running at full speed still with plenty of space between the cars, there is a live look outside at 795. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer. don, back over to you. >> thank you. at the top of the news this half-hour, the jet blue pilot who was restrained by his passengers and flight crew will now undergo a psychiatric evaluation. prosecutors say they want to determine if clay osmond has a mental illness. here is duarte geraldino reporting for wjz.
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>> reporter: a judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation to determine if the jet blue pilot is competent to stand trial. in a motion filed yesterday the government stated there is reason to believe he is suffering from a mental disease or defect rendering him mentally in cock tent. doctors will examine whether the 49-year-old was legally sane during last week's incident. passengers on board the flight tackled him after the copilot locked him out. court documents reveal he became incoherent and run up and down the aisles yelling about al qaeda and other things, making them declare an emergency. >> we are going to have to declare and emergency and go
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into amarillo. >> he could face charges but they are standing behind him. >> we are a team and standing behind him. >> he said they will learn listens. >> it is so extraordinary it is not in a playbook. >> he stresses one thing is clear, the passengers and crew worked together to resolve the emergency, in washington, duarte geraldino, wjz eyewitness news. >> a bail hearing had been scheduled for today. it has been delayed until monday at the earliest. the man held for a shooting rampage in a college in california faces the death penalty, one goh appeared in court for the first time, charged with killing people at a small college there. he was target in one school administrator. >> he was a loner and what some might call a loser but that he
6:34 am
didn't exhibit any behaviors that we are aware of that would have alerted anyone that he could commit such a murderous rampage. >> his next court appearance is the end of the month. two possible hate crimes are under investigation at the university of maryland college park. we are live with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the university of maryland prides itself on diversity but in the last few days hate crimes on campus have shaken up that community. words of hate scrawled inside an elevator on the college park campus. >> that is scary and unexpected too. >> to see that is kind shocking. >> the slurs are cep upsetting for some. >> it is disheartening to know that people will dedicate their energy to hate on -- not a specific person, just a general group of people. >> days before a building
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supervisor found a a noose inside a construction area and they are looking into both cases. >> in both cases they are following leads, interviewing whoever might have information. >> in an e-mail the university president said these inspects are aborent, the university of maryland does not tolerate hate or bias in any form and is looking into holding diversity workshop. >> we have a strong commitment to diversity and see it as central to our excellence. >> that feeling was echoed by many. >> i have friends of different backgrounds and ethics. >> that is against what maryland stands for and we are all about diversity and just welcome everyone. >> well, now the university's police officers are scanning video captured on campus. they say it could lead to some clues as to who could commit a hate crime. don, back to you. >> thank you very much.
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the university president says they have had 5 incidents in the last year. outrage this morning at santa monica college in california after campus police used pepper spray on students protesting there. the officers say 100 students were disrupting a board of trustees meeting, protesting a plan to raise rates. the college released a statement saying the officers used pepper spray to preserve the public safety. two students have been hospitalized and several others treated for minor injuries. this morning five former new orleans police offices are headed to prison for their rolls in the shooting following katrina. they were convicted of shooting six unarmed people on the bridge, killing 2 and convicted of planting evidence to cover up the crime. they were sentenced from six to 65 years. back here a political unknown and former secret service agent is maryland's
6:37 am
republican senate nominee. now, this novice politician will take on the incumbent. here is adam may talking with them. >> reporter: who is don bongino? >> he is a former secret service agent. >> political newcomer helped protect our last three presidents. now he is the republican nominee for senate. >> when you saw those results coming what was your reaction? >> i can't describe it. i don't think words can paint the picture. it was a humbling experience. >> he is personable, loves to debate the issues and says he will fight for the working class. >> i grew up poor. i have been through some scraps in my life and i will tell you i think we have the gray matter and we have the -- the physical bona fideys to get through a tough race. >> i am looking forward to it.
6:38 am
>> he expects a lively campaign on the issues. >> i don't know a lot. i know he has embraced their plan. >> the two disagree on that. bongino also has skeptics. >> a high ranking republican told me you have no experience. >> what has that done? taught you how to cut deals, that is our biggest added asset that we have no political experience, thank god. >> it will be tough. they have not had a republican senator in decades. >> the election is on tuesday, november the 6th. the new organizers of the baltimore grand prix are already encountering a few speed bumps, according to our partner down force racing has failed to meet bench marks laid
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out. the company has yet to land responsership deals and ticket sales have been pushed back twice. they are confident all the issues will be worked out over the labor day weekend. in football news the ravens unveil their preseason schedule. the exhibition season will kickoff thursday august the 9th in atlanta, the first home game is friday night with the lions coming to town. followed by the jaguars coming the next week, the following thursday and the preseason will wrap up on the road in st. louis on august the 30th. the regular season schedule will be out later this month. oriole fans can expect to see changes at camden yards tomorrow during opening day ceremonies, a group of specialg guests got to see the upgrades. a new shorter wall will provide better views, there is a new roof deck and the bullpen has a picnic grove above it. the statutes of 6 oriole hall of famers. don't worry if you don't have a ticket. we have complete coverage.
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our special live coverage on opening day begins at 2:00, followed by the game right here on wjz 13 and don't forget the baseball season is here, the orioles are coming back to camden yards, the 20th year of that ballpark and we would like to see your favorite memories of it. e-mail your photos to us and look for them as part of a big slide show at >> there is a picture a viewer sent in. roger lear -- >> -- a-ha -- >> -- live broadcast -- >> -- bob -- >> -- bob- >> -- yeah -- >> -- mark viviano -- >> -- that -- >> -- baseball, let's go to -- python. there it is okay. i just -- must have found the sucker hiding in the dugout.
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well. what -- >> -- big snake -- >> -- doesn't it -- this week and one of the leads -- i mean one of the -- one of the serious leads is going to be joining us on coffee with. sharon gibala has your wjz tv ,,
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hi, my name is ulysses. good morning, wjz. >> all right, ulysses, thanks for being with us. 46 degrees right for you, 45% humidity, north-northeast slight breeze this morning at 6, barometer at 29.83. chilliest place oakland 32. low 40s cumberland, elkton, haggerstown and easton, 40s pax river, ocean city and dc. call it 51 annapolis and kent island, 45 rock hall, 39 bellaire, 42 westminster, 46 columbia, through the day we will continue to see clouds and showers training northwest to southeast but south of the area you may see a couple of passing fair weather clouds, biggest result is a little bit of a breeze comes in. behind that low as it moves offshore tonight. this day 62, very pleasant. yesterday 75 and 76 the airport and downtown.
6:45 am
mainly clear. 36 degrees overnight tomorrow, beautiful weather for opening day. sunny pleasant, there is that 62 degree high. on saturday 65. easter sunday beautiful, almost 70 with sun, monday partly sunny, 65, mostly cloudy tuesday and 60. don, take it away. >> thank you very much. how is the rush running right now? here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> hi, don, well is is that hour that things are starting to slow a bit especially on the west side of the beltway. an accident now on 95 in the southbound direction at the ramp at eastbound 195. another wreck in aberdeen on route 40 at west bellaire avenue, two cars involved in that one. a new crash east 36th and one good morning in gambles. on the beltway minor delays, 52 miles an hour is your average. there is 95 north of maryland's 32. everything looking good in that shot. no problems on 95 at spaghetti junction. this traffic report is brought to you by your toyota dealer.
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marty and don, back over to you guys. >> and thank you, a reminder this week you can win a brand new patio provided by or coffee with sponsor echo lock paving and stone, to enter go to and click on contests and promotions, next week we will announce the winner here. while on the website check out the official rules for details. >> this morning's coffee with is with brian bankhart -- >> -- you -- [ applause ] >> -- that -- >> -- night -- >> -- that -- >> -- skill level. >> -- with a show like this it is high energy right from the get-go. it is something where i just have to be you know there for
6:47 am
two and a half hours and i mean hopefully not there -- >> -- envious of what you can do, so -- >> -- high energy -- >> -- yeah -- >> -this, you have blown through a lot of calories, i mean you are really -- really doing a tremendous amount of cardio out there -- >> uh-huh -- >> -- mental high right before that show- >> -- oh, yeah -- >> -- athlete -- >> -- oh no, i usually can't eat after the show any way and after the show i can eat anything and by the end of the show i eat and burn it off. i usually eat an entire thin crust pizza -- >> and that -- >> -- and that -- you know -- >> -- try and get a caloric peak going. >> -- right -- >> -- physicality if you will -- >> -- yeah -- >> -- out there working.
6:48 am
>> yeah, you know luckily for me i don't do a lot of dancing in the show because those guys have to really be sort of on their game -- >> -- pulmonary -- >> -- it is, yes, yeah, i usually try to -- if we have an 8:00 show i will eat around 5:00 protein heavy just to keep the energy but if i eat too close to the show it becomes -- >> -- in digestion -- >> -- burping into -- >> -- yeah -- >> -- hairspray -- >> -- uh-huh, yeah -- >> -- similar in some ways, the story is about -- ♪ [ music ] >> -- same time period and you know it also has to do with the civil rights movement and this one takes place in memphis, obviously and -- and this white dj starts playing -- ♪ [ music ] >> -- illegal at the time. i mean you can't have a black
6:49 am
and white relationship -- ♪ [ music ] >> -- love story as opposed to you know hairspray -- >> -- uh-huh but there is similar -- >> -yeah -- >> -- themes -- >> -yeah -- >> -- mold you -- you were, you know, fat girls, short guys need not -- >> -exactly -- >> -- about -- >> -- yeah -- >> -- radio, gosh mighty in the late 60s, early 70s, you could not play two women back-to-back and play two black artists back- to-back and we were all going crazy -- >> uh-huh -- >> -- back-to-back. and fortunately i worked for radio stations that frankly broke the mold and it was interesting to -- >> -- uh-huh -- >> -- cross-dresser here, yeah, that is a a good song, play it -- >> -- in front of your face for
6:50 am
even thinking about playing them -- >> -- courthouse steps -- >> -- question -- >> okay -- >> -- devotee -- >> -- products for almost a month before he would record because he thought it gave him phlem and -- >> -- yeah -- >> -- anything from because of singing? >> anything really acidic, stuff with tomatoes, sauce, things like that because that can disturb the symptoms a acids and give you reflux. >> and reflux comes of course and hits your vocal chords -- >> yeah -- >> -- your -- >> -- notes as well because your vocal cords are sort of strained then, they are a little bit disruptive. i never -- the milk thing, i have always wonderrered -- >> -- i have always heard -- >> -- have always heard it too -- >> that -- >> -- maybe because i have phlem all the time --
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>> -- more weeks or months? >> well, this our 20th city and we have -- >> -- wow -- >> -- wow -- >> -- [ >> --added more -- >> -- they -- >> -miles -- >> -- that -- >> -- out -- >> -- frequent flyer -- >> -- that -- >> -great -- >> -you -- >> -my pleasure -- >> -success -- >> -- very much -- >> -- look out that place? >> oh, it is great -- >> -great -- >> -- yeah -- >> -come right back, wjz tv traffic control, first warning ,
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six until 7:00. here come your updates from sharon and marty over at- >> -- yesterday's mid-70s but look 60 is the normal, 62 is our high, a couple of passing fair weather clouds now, here she is sharon gibala at wjz tv traffic control, good morning. >> hi, marty, good morning, after one. overall not a bad morning. a few issues. an accident there and in aberdeen too. a crash in the city there.
6:55 am
one more there also. speeds on the beltway still slow on the west side, top side still at full speed, 52 miles app hour an hour is the average there. everything working out just fine there and there is a live look outside. this traffic report is brought to you by virginia tourism. back over to you. >> thank you. symbols of hate found on the university of maryland college park campus. police say there were two separate inspects in the past few days, anti-semitic slurs scrawled inside here. days before a supervisor found a noose. police are looking into both incidents. a jury has awarded 6 20,000 dollars in damages to a couple whose dog was shot by a deputy. dashboard camera video reveals the dog appearing friendly toward the officer before he shot the jenkins family dog. the jury found the sheriff's
6:56 am
deputy violated their rights. the deputies went to their home to serve a warrant on their son. with gasoline prices surging the governor says his proposal to apply the sales tax to gasoline purchases is dead. the governor is now pushing state lawmakers to instead raise the state's sales tax from 6 % to 7. it would help pay for projects and apply to everything except food. four new stores are coming to harbor east. they are the 4 new additions and scheduled to be open sometime this summer. stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station, complete news, weather and traffic ahead for you, plus new video of the jet blue pilot moments before his meltdown. you are looking live at the inner harbor where somebody has just been delivered to work ,, ♪
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